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Safety measure for ladder and deep foundation or pilling work:

1. Safety measure for ladder:

Various safety measures to be adopted while using ladders are :

1. All the ladders should be designed for the loads these are required to carry.

2. In bamboo ladders, the rungs may be fixed to the rails with spikes of proper design and strength.

3. Safety shoes shall be used to avoid the danger of slipping.

4. Ladders used for heavy works should not be more than 6 m long.

5. Before use, all ladders should be tested for the designed loads.

6. To prevent slipping, a ladder should be secured at the bottom end.

7. The ladder should not be supported against window panes, sashes, etc.

8. Metal stairs should not be used around electrical equipment.

9. The splicing of the ladder should be avoided.

Safety measure for ladder and deep foundation or pilling work
Safety Measure For Ladder

10. While ascending or descending the user should face the should use both hands and place his feet near the end of the rungs and not in the middle.

11. While using a ladder one should not lean sideways more than 30 cm. It is safer to get down and shift the ladder to the new place.

12. The ladder leading to the landing should be extended at least one meter above the landing and secured at the upper end properly.

13. A defective ladder with a missing rung should never be used.

14. To prevent slipping a ladder should be placed in such a way that it does not make an angle more than 75 degrees with the ground.

15. The diameter of the rope ladder should not be less than 25 mm and wooden steps should not be less than 38 mm thick.

16. For damage or deteriorated wooden the ladder should be inspected at least once a month

2. Safety measure for Pilling works or Deep foundation:

1. All the works should be carried out under the supervision of a qualified and competent foreman/supervisor.

2. The site of work should be barricaded or the watchman should be engaged at the site.

3. If work is to be carried out at night, a minimum of 100 lux illuminance lights should be used.

4. Safety recommendations should be brought to the knowledge of all the persons working at the site. Safety signboards should be placed at the site.

5. Before starting the work, complete knowledge of underground structures (such as sewers, water pipelines, gas mains, etc.) is essential.

6. Safety equipment like safety helmets, safety shoes, safety belts should be kept at the site and should be used as and when required.

7. The first aid box should be kept at the site.

8. Pile drivers should not be kept near the electricity line.

Safety measure for ladder and deep foundation or pilling work
Safety measure for Pilling works or Deep foundation:

9. Pile drivers should be kept on a wooden platform on the hard and strong ground or on concrete piles.

10. Open gear and fly Wheels should be covered.

11. Hoisting Ruper of pile driver should be made  galvanized steel

12. Due to vibrations during pile driving nuts and bolts get loosened They should be tightened periodically.

13. The laborers handling sheet piles should wear gloves.

14. The pile-driving hammer, when not in use should be kept in the dump down position. While dropping the hammer on the pile cap, care should be taken not to miss the pile cap, otherwise, the Wires of the hammer may get broken.

15. The holes for bored piles should be closed at the top properly. The person entering such holes should not stay for more than 1 hour.

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