Diploma In Civil Engineering Subjects:

Diploma In Civil Engineering Subjects
Diploma In Civil Engineering Subjects

This article will be beneficial to students who just passed 10th or 12th and thinking about a diploma in civil engineering subjects & syllabus and want to get admission in diploma civil engineering.

Before getting admission in any discipline of Diploma Engineering candidates must see the subjects & syllabus of the particular discipline in which they are interested.

Below is the diploma in civil engineering subjects list for all semesters.

Diploma Civil Engineering 1st Year Subjects:

1. Diploma Civil Engineering 1st Semester Subjects:

Sr. No.Subject CodeSubjectCredit
13300001Basic Mathematics4
33300003Environment Conservation and Hazard Management4
43300004Engineering Physics (Group-1)5
53300007Basic Engineering Drawing6
63300012Computer Application & Graphics4

2. Diploma Civil Engineering 2nd Semester Subjects:

Sr. No.Subject CodeSubjectCredit
13300008Applied Mechanics5
23300009Applied Chemistry (Group-1)5
33320003Advanced Mathematics (Group-2)4
43320601Building Drawing6
53320602Basic Mechanical Engineering3
63320603Civil Engineering Workshop Practice4
73990001Contributor Personality Development4

Diploma Civil Engineering 2nd Year Subjects:

3. Diploma Civil Engineering 3rd Semester Subjects:

Sr. No.Subject CodeSubjectCredit
13330601Building Materials5
23330602Construction Technology5
43330604Structural Mechanics7

4. Diploma Civil Engineering 4th Semester Subjects:

Sr. No.Subject CodeSubjectCredit
13340601Structural Mechanics-II5
23340602Advanced Surveying9
33340603Basic Transportation Engineering5
43340604Water Resources Management5
53340605Soil Mechanics5
63340606Computer Aided Drawing4

Diploma Civil Engineering 3rd Year Subjects:

5. Diploma Civil Engineering 5th Semester Subjects:

Sr. No.Subject CodeSubjectCredit
13350601Design of Steel Structure7
23350602Concrete Technology5
33350603Water Supply & Sanitary Engineering5
43350604Estimating, Costing & Valuation7
53350605Advance Construction Technology5

6. Diploma Civil Engineering 6th Semester Subjects:

Sr. No.Subject CodeSubjectCredit
13360601Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures7
23360602Construction Quality Control & Monitoring5
33360603Construction Project Management 5
43360604Building Services5
53360605Maintenance & Rehabilation of Structures 5


  1. This subject list is based on Gujarat Technological University.
  2. In the 4th column “Credit” indicate the total hours spent on a particular subject per week.
  3. 1 hour lecture = 1 Credit, Where 2 hours Practical =1 Credit.
  4. In the final year, students have a choice to select from some Elective Subjects also.
  5. Almost all colleges have default-chosen subjects on behalf of students.

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