Career Options After Diploma In Civil Engineering

Career options after diploma in civil engineering:

In this article “Career options after diploma in civil engineering” We are going to explore the scope of a diploma in civil engineering and the type of job opportunities available, career in different types of jobs in the private and the government sector, self-employment, and much more.

We want to discuss & measure the entire aspect of possible career opportunities after your great journey of spending 3 years in this field.

The career of civil engineering students is very bright, with a large scope in the various government and private sectors from where We can start our career well.

We can also start our own startup which can be taken further in the form of good business in the coming future also.

career options after diploma in civil engineering
Career options after diploma in civil engineering

We want to start with a basic introduction to Diploma In Civil Engineering.

Then We will explore the scope & job opportunities in every sector, short-term courses available, new startups, and every possible aspect after a diploma in civil engineering.

Quick Introduction About Author:

Hello students, My self Shailesh Pandya Sub Inspector at Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (Town Development Department).

I completed my diploma in civil engineering from the government polytechnic college with a 9.2 CGPA.

Within one month I join L&T Construction as a Quality Control Engineer.

After joining within 6 months I get success in the first attempt of the Gujarat government exam and I join Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation as Sub Inspector.

For more knowledge and experience about such government examinations, I prepared myself well & appear in the various competitive exam after the above first attempt.

What is Diploma in civil engineering:

A diploma in civil engineering is the journey of a 3-year fundamental study of the survey, estimate, valuation, plan, design, construction, and maintenance of civil engineering structures like buildings, roads, bridges, highways, dams, and other water & drainage structures, etc.

Career options after diploma in civil engineering:

1. Higher Education:

A diploma in civil engineering is the study of the basic fundamental concept of the above-mentioned subject.

So the candidate can perform the basic supervision work of a Junior level job in the beginning.

For getting a higher-level career opportunity and for better scope graduation or higher studies must be required.

A diploma engineering candidate can get direct admission in the second year of a bachelor in engineering through the lateral admission process.

The biggest advantage to such type of diploma-holder students is that they get direct admission in the second year and their basic fundamental studies help them to go deeper into every subject.

There is a lot of career opportunity and scope available after getting a degree of bachelor’s in engineering.

You can also go into education and can become a lecturer in a Diploma engineering college.

You can also study further and become a researcher or scientist and can perform advanced research and development in our various fields.

So further study for a better career in our field is also one of the best career options after diploma in civil engineering.

2. Government jobs on diploma in civil engineering:

Not only in Engineering but also in every sector government job is considered the most secure and respectful job with better career opportunities, higher grade pay, and better basic facility.

You will also get enough power and position to do something better for your nation or for your country as well.

So there is no any dought about doing government jobs on diploma in civil engineering in our field is one of the best career options after diploma in civil engineering.

For your better understanding, we divided government jobs on diploma in civil engineering into two most important parameters. One of the state government job and the second is the central government job.

Both have a lot of similarities and differences. The main difference is the work area, in a central government job sometimes candidates have to leave their residential state in order to perform duties well.

But in state government job candidates never need to leave their residential states. Most of the time postings are available in one’s own district.

While in-state municipal corporation jobs, the candidates do not have to leave even the city in which candidates doing the job.

There is also a difference in grade pay and facilities provided by both governments.

Almost central government departments pay better grade pay and give better facilities than state government departments.

Below is the department of both governments where diploma in civil engineering aspirants can start their career very well.

I tried to cover almost all government bodies & departments for government jobs on diploma in civil engineering.

State Government Job:
1. Road & Building Department
2. Irrigation Department
3. Water Supply & Sewerage Board
4. Urban Development Authority
5. State Housing Scheme
6. State Electrical Board
7. Municipal Corporation

Central Government Job:
1. Central Public Works Department
2. Indian Railways
4. Steel Authority of India
5. National Defence Authority
6. National Technical Research Organization
10. NTPC
11. Military Engineering Services MES
12. Border Road Organization
13. Central Water Commission
14. Central Water & power research station
15. Irrigation Department
16. National Fertilizers Limited
17. Director of Quality Assurance (Naval)
18. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited
19. MMTC Limited
20. Bharat Earth Movers Limited
21. Power Grid Corporation of India Limited
22. National Thermal Power Corporation
23. Bharat Heavy Electricals

3. Private jobs for diploma in civil engineering:

Diploma in civil engineering aspirants can start their careers well in the private sector also.

This course has sufficient job availability in the private sector. Starting from small construction/consultancy firms to big giant companies are available there.

Placement through college is the best option for freshers to start their careers in the private sector.

Many diploma in Engineering colleges is available in India which provide placement to the candidates in the best place with better grade pay.

If candidates fail to get placement through college then they can apply to different companies and can give interviews.

Many large companies in our sector publish recruitment notifications for jobs regularly.

Still, if you fail to do so you can start from a small construction/consultancy firm and gradually grow much better.

In the beginning, aspirants can start from a supervision-level job profile. Then gradually a good position can be reached with the help of experience and further studies with a job.

So private jobs for diploma in civil engineering in our field are also one of the best career options after diploma in civil engineering.

Below are the giant construction companies of India:

  1. L&T Engineering & Construction Division (L&T ECC)
  2. Reliance Infrastructure Ltd.
  3. Sadbhav Engineering Ltd.
  4. Hindustan Construction Co. Ltd.
  5. Tata Projects Ltd.
  6. Gammon India Ltd.
  7. Shapoorji Pallonji & Co Ltd.
  8. ESSAR Group
  9. Jaypee Group
  10. Macrotech Developers Pvt Ltd

4. Short-term courses after Diploma in Civil Engineering:

If you have not been given a placement from college and are not being selected by any good company then you should really do this kind of short-term course.

This type of course improves your knowledge and skills and make enables you to succeed in your career.

Many institutes also offer placements in good places after completing such types of courses.

Below is a list of such type of courses that is advisable to do after a Diploma in Civil engineering.

List Of Short term courses after Diploma in Civil Engineering:

Short Duration Courses :

  1. Auto-cad
  2. SCADA
  3. REVIT
  4. 3D Home Architect
  7. SAP
  9. On-site-Safety
  10. FEM
  11. Linear Modelling
  12. Fatigue of structures
  13. Microsoft Excel, Etc.

Long Duration Courses :

  1. Advanced Diploma in Civil Engineering
  2. Advanced Diploma in Construction Management
  3. Advanced Diploma in Design & Drafting
  4. Advanced Diploma in Structural Design
  5. Advanced Diploma in Survey
  6. Various Certificate Courses
  7. Apprenticeship Courses, Etc.

5. Self-Employment:

Above all are no independent career options in which you have to perform work directly or indirectly under the organization’s management.

You can start your own construction/consultancy company and can also provide job opportunities to the candidates by becoming entrepreneurs.

But it is advisable for the freshers to gain different types of required experience before starting such type of self-employment.

You can also apply for the license to do work under various government authorities as an Engineer, Structure designer, Class of work, Developer, or Architect based on your diploma certificate.

You can register as a contractor under various government authorities and can perform multiple works after submitting a tender.

So Self-Employment in our field is also one of the best career options after diploma in civil engineering.

I try my best to cover almost all types of available career options after diploma in civil engineering. You can choose one of them based on your skills and interest in the different work areas.

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