Convocation Certificate Meaning

What is the convocation certificate meaning?

In this article, We will understand convocation certificate meaning by one of the live example, When & How convocation certificate apply online, and the top 50 famous universities of India and their convocation portal.

Every university every year celebrates the Convocation program for their current pass-out students and awards them degree certificates.

Every student has to fill out the application form without forgetting the last application date. Students who forget the last application date can apply for the same in the next year.

Students who attend the convocation program are awarded a degree certificate in person.

Convocation Certificate Meaning
Convocation Certificate Meaning

Students who cannot attend the convocation program are sent a degree certificate by post.

So it is necessary to write your address in the application form very correctly and accurately. So that you can get your degree certificate at home on time.

In this article We will discuss all types of questions, that’s where most of the students make mistakes.

We will also discuss when and How convocation certificate apply online step by step.

So let’s get started.

When convocation certificate apply online?

After completing your last semester examination and its result every college gives a mark sheet and provisional degree certificate.

After receiving the original mark sheet and provisional degree certificate you can apply for your convocation certificate.

You need to visit your university’s convocation section frequently for upcoming convocations.

A few days later you will see the “Apply Now” button or a notification about the upcoming convocation.

Every slot remains open for some limited time period, everyone should have to apply on time for it.

One of the convocation certificate sample is provided below. It is of the Diploma in civil engineering of Gujarat technological university.

It is also known as the final degree certificate of your course. A convocation certificate and degree certificate is not different It is the same certificate.

Convocation certificate sample:

Convocation certificate meaning
Convocation certificate Sample :

Convocation certificate apply online:

The process of convocation certificate apply online varies from university to university. We will give our best to cover almost all the famous universities.

In this article, We will provide the link of various university convocation sections.

Below are the top 50 famous universities of India and their convocation portal:

  • Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi :

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