Top 10 Factor Affecting Selection of Demolition Methods

Factor Affecting Selection of Demolition Methods:

Demolition engineers are faced with decision problems in the selection of demolition techniques.

In practice, the decision is based on the experience, skill, and knowledge of the demolition engineer.

Furthermore, there are many elements of the problems, and the interrelationships among the elements are very complicated. 

According to research done by Abdullah:

There are six main criteria and several sub-criteria that affect the choice of demolition techniques.

The main criteria are:

1. Structural characteristics

2. Site conditions

3. Demolition cost

4. Past experience

5. Time

6. Reuse and recycling.

According to research done by Kasai:

Suggested that there are eight criteria that affect the choice of demolition techniques.

The main criteria are:

1. The structural form of the building

2. Location of the building

3. The permitted level of nuisance

4. The scope of demolition

5. Use of the building

6. Safety

7. Demolition period  

Both researchers agreed that the decision-makers have to keep in mind that health and safety is the main concern in the selection process.  

The selection of the most appropriate demolition technique will be subject to a unique combination of these criteria.

Factor Affecting Selection of Demolition Methods
Factor Affecting Selection of Demolition Methods

Factors affecting the selection of demolition methods:

(1)    Type of structure

(2)    Size of structure

(3)    Available time period

(4)    Location of structure

(5)    Limitation of  noise, dust, and vibration

(6)    Skill of workers

(7)    Safety

(8)    Availability of equipment

(9)    Adjacent structure

(10)  The behavior of the structure

1. Type of structure:

The demolition technique depends upon the type of structure.

For different types of structures like load-bearing masonry structures, RCC framed structures, steel structures, etc. the method of demolition will be changed.

2. Size of structure:

If the size of the structure is small, no special demolition technique is required. Hand demolition should be sufficient.

But for large structures and multi-storied building techniques are required.  

Such as wrecking ball methods, deliberate collapse, implosion technique, etc.

3. Available time period:

The selection of demolition methods is greatly influenced by the time period available for the demolition of a building.

If we complete the work on time desired benefits can be achieved as it is.

Some of the demotion methods are quick while others are slow.

4. Location of structure :

Based upon the location of the structure demolition methods were selected.

For example city area, village area, densely populated area, narrow area, wide-open road area, etc.

As per location to location demolition methods can be adopted.

5. Limitation of dust, noise, and vibration:

In areas like educational, residential, etc. unpleasant noise is restricted so such a technique that produces such noise cannot be adopted.

If we adopt such a technique that produces more vibration and exists adjacent structure such that it cannot resist more vibration such technique cannot be adopted.

6. The skill of workers:

As per the availability of skilled and unskilled workers demolition methods will be changed.

If we want to adopt a special technique skilled workers must be required, but we adopt hand demolition only unskilled workers should be sufficient.

7. Safety:

As per the requirement of safety measures to be taken demolition methods will be changed.             

8. Availability of equipment:

The selection of demolition techniques is also influenced by the existing available equipment on site.

We can adopt such methods which type of equipment easily available to us.

9. Adjacent structure:

The selection of demolition techniques also depends upon the adjacent structure also.

Such that whether an adjacent structure can withstand vibrations or not?

Is the adjacent structure easily affected by demolition noise and dust or not? Etc.

10. The behavior of structure:

The behavior of structure also influenced the selection of a type of demolition technique.

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